28 December 2013

Gunniopsis calcarea - Nullabor Gunniopsis

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Gunniopsis calcarea - Nullabor Gunniopsis

This brightly coloured perennial shrub is mainly recorded in near coastal locations on the Nullarbor in both WA and SA. In WA it is also found in shallow brown loams over hardened limestone (forming open shrubby plains) to the west of the Nullarbor, the above location being around 90 km (55 miles) SW of Balladonia and 35 km (20 miles) NW of Mt Ragged.

Gunniopsis calcarea is distinguished from other species by being a perennial with yellow flowers and bright green lanceolate (lance shaped) leaves, which along with the stems are covered in peltate (shield like) scales. The plants form open colonies, although remain tightly contained within their preferred geological habitat.

The plants above were growing to 15 cm x 45 cm (6”x 18”) but are recorded to twice that size; the fleshy foliage grows readily to also produce flowers on a continuous basis, so is likely to be found in flower at most times of the year. For additional information on this genera refer to an earlier post titled Gunniopsis quadrifida at http://esperancewildflowers.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/gunniopsis-quadrifida-sturts-pigface.html

The genus Gunniopsis belongs to the Aizoaceae family.