26 February 2009

Petrophile fastigiata

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Petrophile fastigiata

An attractive shrub to 1.5 metres (5') in height with a lively green, non-prickly, divided foliage and creamy yellow terminal flowers. For me the foliage is very appealing by reminding me of some marine seaweeds with their blunt, open, upright growth of similar length. A distinctive feature of this species is the length of the petiole (leaf stem), which is as long as the multi-divided portion.

Petrophile fastigiata favours the well drained heavier soils like laterite (gravelly clay) and eroded rocky outcrops, although these may be covered by a layer of sandy soil. The contrasting creamy yellow flowers can be found from September to November.

Update 20 April 2009A photograph of the complete shrub, plus one of the cone that place this plant into the Petrophile genus, showing the cone valves do not drop (as they do in the Isopogon genus), but persist appearing like a miniature pine cone.
Update 21 March 2010

Three photos added and one replaced.