06 December 2008

Proteaceae - Grevillea nudiflora

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Proteaceae - Grevillea nudiflora

A very variable spreading shrub, growing from semi-prostrate to over 1.5 metres (5') in height. It has bright green upright foliage and leafless flowering stems that harbour small clusters of bright red and yellow flowers. This grevillea prefers acid sandy soil overlying clay or the heavier gravel types (probably to take advantage of additional moisture and nutrition) and can be quite common in suitable heath habitat in near coastal areas.

The flowers attract honeyeating birds and various invertebrates and have their main flowering period over winter/spring, although flowers can usually be found during a wet summer.

Update 20 April 2009
Photo of flowers on trailing stems that may be 1.5 metres (5') from the actual shrub. It is this feature that gives this plant the name of Grevillea nudiflora. Also added is a photograph of the shrub that commonly grows around 1/2 metre in height x 1 metre in width (approx. 1'6" x 3'0").