12 August 2008

Diuris laxiflora - Bee Orchid

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Diuris laxiflora - Bee Orchid

A very common and brightly colored orchid, often enhanced by well-placed brown blotches to produce a dog or donkey caricature. It is found in low-lying areas around ephemeral swamps, or in drainage zones from granite outcrops.

They can be as numerous as lightly scattered confetti over many square metres and often combine with other orchids and small annuals to make a spectacular floral display. Very prolific after bushfires, but always put on a good show providing they are not smothered by other vegetation.

The Bee Orchid is usually around 300 mm (1 foot) in height and should not be confused with other Diuris species due to its size, winter-wet habitat and often mass flowering during August to October.